Decoding Boolean and Sourcing in the Recruitment industry

workshops by Jennifer van Riet

Level 1 Workshop

With Subjects like The Sourcing Mix and Contact Search, you will start a journey into a world where information flows freely from the world-wide web. Saving you time, increasing your productivity and  giving you a competitive edge.

The “Boolean String Theory” series consists of a range of subjects like The history of Boolean theory, the Anatomy of a Boolean string and Practical Boolean, while The Sourcing Toolbox will equip you with relevant tools so that you can Source to the max!

Level 2 Workshop

A fast-paced, advanced course designed to rivet you.  From discussions around advanced string theory, to targeted deduction skills, this level is for the curious and the ambitious alike.
Legal Compliance  will provide a solid overview of your responsibility in terms of local and international laws

The “Searching outside parameters” series will consist of several topics into  which we will delve deeply, like overcoming unconscious bias, the  Importance of cultural understanding in Search and Artificial intelligence and it’s impact on the workforce of the future.

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