What sets us apart? We are researchers with head-hunting and corporate background.

We are research specialists with with a broad range of speciality areas that complement each other. We have a high level of experience in these speciality areas. This is why our international clients, as well as our various collaborations contest to the fact our work is of a uniquely high standard with a personal touch.

We work with latest research methodology, as well as traditional research methods, and we are beta testers for several companies working on sourcing products. We incorporate global Industry best practice and we are proud of our strong global peer and mentor network.

As research specialists with a focus on global relevance, we have a solid reputation with a grouping of research projects for a variety of large corporate companies – from management consulting, through to E-commerce, luxury goods, and alcohol and drinks companies have received value from our products.

Silver17 – your research needs? Covered.

Jennifer van Riet


Email: jennifer@silver17.co.za

As director of Silver17 Consulting and head of research, Jennifer comes from a solid background in the corporate arena. Her experience has given her a second-to-none opportunity to learn how corporations work from the ground up. This knowledge of the inner-workings of Exco has taught her how to look for the right fit to the role.

Two mentorships, one in forensic research and another in executive search research and Boolean methodology resulted in high level technical skills. Training in strategic research methodology allowed her to make the connection between staffing solutions and research.  She is recognized by her peers and clients alike as a research expert, with deep sector and functional knowledge. Her super power is internet research. If it’s on the internet, she can find it.